Winter-Inspired Makeup Looks

With fall in the rear view mirror, it's time to move on from our autumn looks. Winter brings an array of stunning seasonal-inspired makeup looks. From cool colors to festive snowflakes, there is no shortage of makeup inspiration this time of the year. Keep reading to learn this season's trends and get a fresh set of snowy makeup looks. 

1. Cool tones 

With winter comes dark days and gray, snowy weather. The common color used to display this season is a bright, wintery blue. Now is the perfect time to pull out those bold blue eyeshadows that just don’t work at other times of the year. Layer different shades of blue, white, and silver to create the perfect winter eyeshadow look. 

2. Bold lips

A bold, red lip is the perfect festive look to combat the dreary days of winter. With the world turning gray and cold, livening up your look with bright colors is a great way to bring more tones to the season. Plus, with the holiday season upon us, you can’t go wrong with stunning red lipstick.


3. Pink blush

Lately, we have been seeing the rise of the so-call ‘cold girl’ aesthetic. This attempts to replicate the look of spending the day outside and brings a soft, colorful look to the skin. For this, you will need a light pink blush. Apply it heavily over your cheeks and under your eyes to recreate this frigid look.  


4. Sparkles

Winter is the perfect time to go a little bit overboard. Nothing brings light to a long winter’s night light sparkles. Whether you like a big, chunky sparkle or a subtle shimmering glow, both are perfect for the season. Choosing a gray or blue will ensure you look perfect for the winter months. 


Don’t let the dark days of winter turn your makeup drab. Use this winter makeup inspiration to look great all winter long. 

What’s your go-to makeup look in winter? Let us know in the comments below.

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