5 Makeup Tips to Look Festive in Fall

With summer coming to a close and fall ramping up, now is the perfect time to update your makeup. Gone are the days of dewy, bright eyeshadow and pink lips. However, fall comes with it a great palette to take makeup inspiration from. Try out our 5 fall makeup tips to look on trend this season.

1. Fall-colored smokey eye

Eye shadow palette

Smokey eyes are always a great look, however, they just hit different in the fall. To make the perfect fall-festive smokey eye, try using a red or orange-toned eye shadow. If smokey eyes aren’t your thing, switch out your typical eye shadow for a fall tone to celebrate the season.

2. Matte lips

Glossy, dewy, and glowing is the ideal summer look. However, once fall comes around, that wet look goes out with the humid summer air. For fall, give a deep-shade matte lipstick a try. Try using a deep red or burnt orange to match the gorgeous fall scenery.

Woman with sunglasses and dark red lipstick

3. Glitter blush

Three glittery blush shades

While the sheen, glistening highlighter is out, a little glow is always in. With fall comes darker days and less sun, therefore a less-intense sheen is better. Switch out your ultra-shiny highlighter for a glittery blush in the fall. The small bits of glitter will catch the light and create a unique shine across your cheeks.

4. Cat eye

Woman with winged eyeliner and red lispstick

A good cat eye is always in style. This fall it is on trend. Nothing compliments the darkening days of fall better than black eyeliner. If you like a think-lined look, go for it, the rimmed look is in style now, too. Grab your favorite eyeliner and give a beautiful, winged look a try.

5. Natural and nude

Woman with natural makeup look

Always in style is a subtle, nude makeup look. Pick a soft neutral pink, brown, or neutral eyeshadow and a warm neutral lip. You can use products with slight red or orange tones to add a touch of fall. Liquid and cream products will melt into the skin and give the perfect natural look.

Fall is full of color as the world descends towards winter. It’s a great time to celebrate nature and the beauty all around us. We hope these fall make-up tips help you update your look for autumn.

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