How To Have A Self Care Sunday

If there’s one thing that everyone can use, it’s a day to take care of themselves. If you’re feeling run down, stressed out, or just need some time to relax and rejuvenate, then a self care Sunday is the perfect way to do it! Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your day. :)


The best way to start any day, not just a Sunday, is to get a sufficient amount of rest. A good night's sleep is quite literally the key to having a successful and balanced day. If going to bed early on Saturday night isn’t in store for the night, give yourself the extra hours of sleep by sleeping in on Sunday morning. Even if this means waking up later in the morning or afternoon, these extra hours of sleep will set your body and mind in a peaceful state. 


Just like Lionel Richie says, take your Sunday morning easy. This can mean a variety of things depending on what your week typically looks like. If you are the type of person to wake up early to run a 5k or pop into a spin class, ease into your Sunday morning by going for a long walk or hike. You still get the benefit of exercise but it is a more relaxed and reflective atmosphere. On the other hand, if you are the type of person that prefers to walk your dog after work instead of the morning running grind, try incorporating easy movement into your morning through a guided yoga, meditation or breathing video. 

No matter the type of person you are, incorporating some sort of slow movement into your Sunday morning will set a positive and relaxed president for the rest of the day. 


After you’ve cleared your mind, showered, and brewed your morning coffee (or anything else you like to do in the morning), we recommend taking a 30 minute break to recenter yourself in the present. This means collecting and releasing your thoughts and anxieties so you can better enjoy what is happening in the current moment. This could mean journaling about the week that has passed and creating goals for the upcoming week. We recommend planning out your week’s social activities, exercise, grocery shopping, and general goals in a planner, or journal. By putting all your goals and ideas on paper, you are able to better enjoy what you are doing at the moment. 


The best way to truly sink into this self care Sunday habit is by rewarding your mind and body for all the work you have accomplished the week prior. By creating a healthy habit of treating yourself and allowing yourself to relax into the ease of Sunday, you will be able to enjoy a moment of peace before the week ahead. Remember that this is what Sundays were made for! 

Here are some ways to treat yourself. Enjoy! 

Take a bath

Get a manicure 

Read a fun book 

Listen to a podcast 

Get a massage 

Make a tasty comfort dish 

Call a friend 

Go on a lunch date with yourself 

Go to the movies 

Visit a farmers market 

Go to a museum or art gallery 

Learn to knit

Start a fun project 


Whether you choose to have a completely chilled out, stress free Sunday, or you get some exercise in an accomplish some goals before the week begins, the best way to end the week (and start the next) is on a good note. Maybe this means watching the sunset, going for a nature walk, making a yummy homemade meal, or cuddling up on the couch and watching a comfort movie. Whatever it is, make sure you take the time to do that activity so that you can start your week on a refreshed and positive foot! 

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