Spooky and Simple DIY Halloween Decorations

The Halloween season is a time of spooky fun. Before you dress yourself up for the holiday, get your house looking frightfully festive. As the weather gets colder, many find themselves spending more time inside as October 31st approaches. That makes Halloween the perfect time of the year for DIY decorations. Get your house ready for spooky season with these 5 easy and fun Halloween decorations.

1. Spooky Spiderweb Placemats

You'll need: parchment paper, puffy paint

Spiderweb against purple background

This easy DIY craft is perfect to add a touch of horror to your table. All you have to do is use the puffy paint to make a spiderweb design. After the paint dries, you can pull it off the parchment paper and you have a spooky placement to horrify your friends. If you have an artistic flair, you are trying to create a bat or witch placemat. 

2. Witch’s Cauldron

You'll need: cauldron, tissue paper, dry ice, beverage of choice 

Smoke coming out of a black bowl

If you’re going to have a party this Halloween, shock your guests with a spooky bubbling witches’ cauldron to serve drinks in. Start by buying a cheap cauldron at a local store. Cut flames out of colored tissue paper to glue to the bottom. This will give your cauldron the effect that it is sitting over a fire. After you can add a beverage to be served out of the cauldron. To bring it all to life, drop in some dry ice. Spooky smoke will flow out of the top, making it look like something brewing. 

4. Create a Wreath 

Red felt wreath with bat and ghost cutouts

You'll need: wreath form, embellishments of choice 

Black furry wreath covered in orange eyes

Seasonal wreaths are a great addition to a room's décor. There are many great-looking Halloween wreaths out there and many of them are simple and easy to make yourself. For this, all you need is a wreath form and whatever embellishments you want. Candy corn, spiderwebs, black flowers, and spooky construction paper cutouts are commonly used. Just glue or wire on your decor and hang it up. The only limiting factor with this project is your imagination. 

4. Pumpkin Mummy

You'll need: pumpkin, black spray paint, gauze, scissors 

Craving pumpkins is a messy and time-consuming project, however, you can still put them to good use with this mess-free decoration. For this, all you need to do is grab a pumpkin and spray-paint it black. Then wrap it in gaze and cut out two eye holes when you’re done. 

5. Haunted Mirror

You'll need: mirror, newspaper, scissors, matte finish spray, glass cleaner 

Handprints on a foggy mirror

If you want to frighten your guests, try out the haunted mirror trick. Using this technique, you can make any mirror display a spooky message against a foggy surface. Start by cutting your letters out of newspaper and laying them on a mirror. Spray the mirror with a matte finish spray. Once it's dried down you can remove the letters and reveal the note left from beyond the grave. When Halloween is over, use glass cleaner to make the mirror new again. 

Put on a scary movie and give one of these a try. Once you’re done let us know in the comments below. 

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